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OXFORD LEARNING 加联教育始于1984年, 当时它的创始人尼克·怀特黑德(Nick Whitehead) 在伦敦、加拿大的安大略同时开设了第一个OXFORD LEARNING 机构,为小学和中学学生提供补 习进修等丰富的学习课程。
Oxford Learning story begins in 1984,when its founder, Nick Whitehead, opened the first Oxford Learning center in London, Ontario, Canada, offering remedial and enrichment programs for elementary and secondary students.

尼克为此成立教育专家小组,从学生基础的学习方式进行研究,共同创建了一个独特的学习计划。 团队经过长久的研究和调整,开发了一个专有的评价系统,对孩子的学习能力进行专业的动态 诊断评估™,。OXFORD LEARNING 从最初开始创建课程,就致力于如何帮助孩子们更好地思考, 更有效地整合学习内容,提高其基础的学习能力,从而全方面提高其各学科的学习成绩。
Nick assembled a team of education experts to create a unique learning program based on research into how student fundamentally learn. And from that, the team developed the Dynamic Diagnostic Assessment, a proprietary evaluation tool that identifies a child’s capacity to learn. Oxford Learning began creating curriculum to help children think better and to integrate information more effectively.

1994年,与动态诊断评估™实现可衡量的结果对我们学生而言,尼克开始特许经营概念与更广泛的 课程和扩大招生,包括学龄前儿童和专上学生。1994年,尼克开始将《动态诊断评估》这一概念推广到更广泛的课程中,同时通过特许经营的方式扩大招生规模,包括学前幼龄教育和高中以上的学生。
In 1994, with Dynamic Diagnostic Assessment achieving measurable results for our students, Nick began franchising the concept with a broader curriculum and an expanded enrollment that included preschoolers and postsecondary students.

今天,OXFORD LEARNING已经成为全北美超过168个中心的最重要的课外教育机构。在加拿大、巴哈马及中东地区为超过100万名学生提供了一系列独特的教育项目。
Today Oxford Learning is the foremost provider of supplemental education with more than 168 centers across the U.S., Canada, in the Bahamas and the Middle East serving one million students with a unique array of educational programs.

OXFORD LEARNING 有30多年的成功经验,包括于各加盟商的合作和学生学习提成的 成效果。作为一个 OXFORDLEARNING 特许经营的加盟者,你将会有坚定的支持,包括你将接受所有方面的业务深入的学习培训,您可以访问OXFORD LEARNING 特有的专业系统和 最佳实践方法来操作您的业务,使用丰富而有效经过测试的营销手段来充实你的学习课程及教学课堂。
Oxford learning has more than 30 years successful experience, including the cooperation with franchises and improvement of student in studying. As a member of franchising, you will have firm support which includes in-depth training and learning of business in all aspects. You could access to the specific professional system and best practical mean of Oxford learning to operate your business, using rich and tested marketing methods to enrich your learning program and teaching classroom.

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